Coffee blackboard, Tallinn, Estonia

The Best Coffee Shops in Tallinn, Estonia (For Remote Workers)

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Tallinn is a fairytale city with medieval streets, gothic buildings and traditional alleyways.

But despite the tradition that dates back centuries, the modern desire to have coffee at all times of day on all street corners hasn’t escaped this slice of Estonia.

There are now numerous coffee shops that sell excellent espresso coffee for reasonable prices, some in gran shopping centres, some down back roads and others located directly in the old town.

If you’re looking at working in Tallinn as a digital nomad, there are plenty of coffee shops that are great to work from where the wifi is excellent. After spending a month in Tallinn, I checked out a wide variety of them from local artisan places to ones that are inside small shopping centres. 

Here are the best places if you want to get some work done in Tallinn and get caffeinated at the same time!

The Best Coffee Shops in Tallinn (and to work from)

Hiiekivi OÜ

InsideHiiekivi OÜ coffee shop, Tallinn, Estonia
These arches in the window, which date back hundreds or years, now have blankets and cushions for cosy seating

Cake and coffee, Hiiekivi OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia

Located on the corner of the main square in Tallinn, this coffee shop in Tallinn is the oldest in Estonia dating back to the 17th century. The low ceilings and tight stone lined doorways make it a maze as you try to find a place to sit at this popular place that mixes medieval and modern. Being able to sit in the windowsills on comfy blankets and cushions adds to the coziness.

The coffee is good and the brownie was excellent. They also have draft beer and local cider available if you’re coming later on in the day.

If you have the Tallinn card, you will also get a small chocolate as a little gift.

Location is here.

Caffe Carissimi Kohvik

Caffee Casissimmi, Tallinn, Estonia

Caffe Carissimi Kohvik is a cute coffee shop next to the town walls offering coffee alcohol and cake. It makes the perfect place to stop off after visiting the Hellemann Tower if that is part of your plans in Tallinn.  Being located right in the heart of town and close to major tourist attractions it is on the pricier side of the coffee places in old town (prices start at €3.50).

Location is here.

Dot cafe

DOT Cafe, Tallinn, Estonia
Plain looking from the outside but delicious inside

A great place to Instagram your coffee and laptop. Dot Café has a friendly Nordic vibe with lots of white, pine wood, plants and counter space or small tables for solo laptop workers. They also feature a breakfast and brunch menu, along with a small beer and wine selection to complement your 4pm Friday work session. Bonus for Americans: high quality filter coffee available for €2.90.

Location is here.

Ragu cafe

Ragu cafe, Tallinn, Estonia

A neighbourhood cafe that was empty when I visited on a weekday mid-afternoon. Nicely decorated, big windows, well spaced-out seating. In a quiet corner, I was able to work for several hours without disturbance. Good Wi-Fi, a basic coffee menu and drinks menu, but with an extensive menu of well-reviewed Italian food and midrange prices.

Location is here.

Kohvipaus Hobujaama

Kohvipaus Hobujaama, Tallinn, Estonia

Though located between busy shopping centres and corporate buildings, this place offers a surprisingly cozy atmosphere, with lots of comfy seating and table space, good for working or reading in the afternoons (just avoid the lunch rush period).

Location is here.

Kohvik Lummus

Kohvik Lummus Art Café is a welcoming place that had been this way for many years. Hidden off a small side street in the Old Town, this coffee shop is owned by a Tallinn artist and fashion designer, whose art and design studio is adjacent to the shop. The brick wall behind the coffee bar isn’t just stylish; it’s also one of the original Medieval town walls.

Good taste is abundant, with chairs and tables are just the right height for working on a laptop. The back room, with ample seating, is dimly lit – prized by those whose work demands clear screen visibility. I’ve worked here multiple times, for several hour stints, without disruption. I can also envision a casual coffee or wine meetup here, with a date or small group. Small selection of pastries; limited wine and drinks menu; espresso €2.5, latte €4.2. Wifi: Download 148Mbps; Upload 12.9Mbps

Location is here.

Gustav Café – Solaris keskus

In the basement of the Solaris shopping centre just across from Old Town, Gustav Café is a bit of a hidden gem for solo workers looking for someplace cozy and intimate. There are always at least a couple of people with laptops, yet the comfy seating area is never overcrowded, and the small round tables are just the right size for one, with a laptop and coffee. When I’ve visited, the café has been slow-to-medium-busy, with a nice coffee shop hum that isn’t overly distracting. A variety of cakes, quiches and other highly-rated sweet and savoury treats are available. 

Possible cons: unreliable/slow shopping centre wifi (mobile data works great, so I tethered); no outside windows, but comfy seats to sit and watch the shopping centre world go by instead. Coffee €3-6, Cakes €2.5-5

Location is here.

Lido, Solaris keskus

Lido is a chain of cafeterias serving hit-and-miss food and machine coffee, but this Lido location deserves a mention for anyone loving all the natural light. 

Daytime overlooks the picturesque, historical Estonia concert hall building, across a busy boulevard proximate to Old Town. Working here is fantastic for grabbing a snack along with a machine coffee; while the food is a bit unpredictable, you can’t really go wrong dumplings or a sweet pancake.

Poor shopping centre WiFi or tethering is required here – or, use Lido Solaris as a space to (gasp) hand write your thoughts, as you gaze out the windows and feel very much in Tallinn.

No matter how busy Lido Solaris is, even at mealtimes, you’ll always have a choice of seating; it’s just massive like that.

Location is here.

Gallery Café Rotermanni

Situated in Tallinn’s trendy and upscale Rotermanni quarter, the trendy and upscale Gallery Café features abundant seating and massive tables, with laptops welcome and a chillhop soundtrack that lets you skip the earbuds and Spotify.

True to its name, the Gallery Café also features local art and photography for sale on the walls, along with a mix of Estonian and English books that would make for quirky bookshelf or coffee table additions. There isn’t technically a dress code, but your best hipster-corporate-casual wear will fit right in. Gallery Café’s extensive menu spans breakfast to lunch and coffee to cocktails, all on the pricier side for a café (mains €9-18, latte 4.5€, wine €8+, cocktails €10+).

Note that weekend brunch may be a poor choice of time to work here. Download 65.5 Mbps; upload 13.3 Mbps.

Location is here.

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Cathedral and lamp, Winter in Tallinn, Estonia

Summing up the best coffee shops in Tallinn

Tallinn is a beautiful place and well worth visiting. Whilst I visited Tallinn in winter and focused on sitting inside working in coffee shops, these places also have seating options outside when the weather is warmer. 

Tallinn has excellent coffee and a wide variety of coffee shops to enjoy it in. I’ve summed up the best coffee shops that I’ve visited but if there are any more that I should include, please let me know!

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