New Zealand

New Zealand has to be one of my favourite countries. I may be biased as I lived there for 3 years but I believe it has everything. A great culture, friendly people and the most incredible landscapes in the world.

I lived in Franz Josef a small town on the West Coast of the South Island. I worked for Glacier Helicopters, a company that provided scenic flights over the Franz Josef glacier to tourists. It was one of the best jobs I ever had (until COVID came along and ruined that!).

I spent a month travelling around the South Island after my first year there and have taken many weekend trips since. With the natural beauty New Zealand has to offer, hiking was high up on the list of things to do whenever I could. The huts in New Zealand are incredible to stay in!

Check out the video below for a brief overview of my three years there and find the articles below for more info.

Morning views of Chancellor Hut

A Night On A Glacier (Long Read)

One of the perks of my job in New Zealand was the helicopter flights onto the two glaciers. On my first day in the job I was told that if I was extremely lucky, I may be able to spend a night at one of the huts on the glacier. After spending nearly 18 months there I finally got the chance to spend a night in Chancellor Hut on Fox Glacier. Here’s what happened. 

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A perfect trim in Osaka, Japan

Strangest haircuts around the world

To be honest, when I started thinking about a blog, I never thought that I would write one on haircuts. It’s such a mundane activity that you do all the time at home. But unless you travel for a long time (often REALLY long in the case of some people!) you are unlikely to experience this mundane task abroad.

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