Alexander the Great Statue in Macedonia Square, Skopje, Macedonia

How To Get From Ohrid to Skopje (2024 Travel Guide)

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Ohrid is a popular travel destination in the south west of Macedonia. Whilst there is plenty to see and do in Ohrid, travellers may want to get out and explore more of the country, with Skopje being a perfect option.

This leads many people to ask how to get from Ohrid to Skopje if they aren’t familiar with travelling in Macedonia.

Fortunately it is easy to get between these two popular destination in Macedonia and there are a variety of ways to do it.

How to get from Ohrid to Skopje by bus

The easiest ways to get from Ohrid to Skopje is by taking one of the frequent local buses that ply the route.

From the main bus station in Ohrid, buses depart daily to Skopje at: 5.30am, 7.15am (not on Sundays), 10.45am, 11.45am, 3.00pm, 5.00pm, 6.00pm and 7.00pm and are run by the Galeb company.

Sign at bus station, Ohrid, Macedonia
The sign at the bus station in Ohrid

The main bus station can be found here.

Tickets cost 890Den (~€14.50) when booked direct at the bus station ticket office. They work out slightly more expensive if booked online, plus you will also need to pay the bus station tax (50 Den) which is not included in the online price, at the ticket office anyway.

Inside bus station, Ohrid, Macedonia
Clean but simple waiting room at Ohrid Bus Station with a good coffee shop next door

There is also have The Classic company which depart from this bus stop here which is slightly closer to the centre of the town. The buses to Skopje only run a few times per day at 6.30am, 9.30am, 11.45am, 5.00pm and 6.00pm with tickets being a similar price.

The buses taken around 3 hours with a stop around half way. It is possible to get out at one of the many stops in Skopje is it is close to your hotel but only if you have hand luggage.

Bus at station to Skopje, Ohrid, Macedonia
Buses can get you to almost every other city in Macedonia easily

Getting from Ohrid to Skopje via taxi

Taxis take about 2.5 hours and cost from €120. It is best to organise this in advance with one of the many taxi companies in Ohrid.

There are also private transfer options available such as this one here.

Hire a car

There is the option of hiring a car in Ohrid and driving yourself to Skopje.

This isn’t something that I did. I worked out the price (as well as the rest of my itinerary around Macedonia) and taking a bus was a lot more cost effective as a solo traveller.

Despite this, for those that really want to go off the beaten path, those travelling in groups or those with families, hiring a car to get between Ohrid and Skopje could be an option.

There are a variety of rental cars available form Ohrid with prices starting at €25 per day. Almost all will require you to return the car to Ohrid though. Other costs to factor in include, additional car insurance, fuel and road tolls.

Driving in Macedonia isn’t as bad as other countries in the region any the roads are (in general) in very good condition.

Wide angle of church and lake, Ohrid, Macedonia
Getting from here in Ohrid to Skopje is easy


Despite both Ohrid and Skopje having airports, there are no flights between the cities.

Summing Up Getting from Ohrid to Skopje

The two most visited destinations in Macedonia are very easy to visit and get between. There are a number of comfortable buses running frequently throughout the day between Ohrid and Skopje with private transfers and self driving also reasonable options.

Either way, the journey will be between two to three hours long and is very simple to do.

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