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How To Get The Yellow Fever Vaccine (And Others) In Bangkok in 2023

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Passing through Bangkok is almost a rite of passage for all travellers to South East Asia. At one point or another, it is highly likely you will visit Thailands capital.

As well as being a place to visit temples and eat great food, Bangkok is the perfect place in the region to settle down for a few days and get some forward planning done. I did that when I first visited in 2015 when I got my Chinese and Australian visas and visiting in 2023 it was time to do the same again.

This time, I decided to top up some of my travel vaccines and get the yellow fever vaccine as it is something I hadn’t yet received.

Bangkok is much cheaper than western countries to get vaccines for travel so it makes sense to get them on the road than to get them the next time I’m in the UK.

There isn’t much information on how and where to get the yellow fever or other travel vaccines in Bangkok so I’ve put together this guide to detail my experience of getting the vaccines cheaply and easily.

How to get a yellow fever vaccine in Bangkok

A quick search led me to find the Thai Travel Clinic that is based in Mahidol’s Hospital. I choose this one as their website was transparent, easy to use and it was relatively close to where I was staying.

On the website I managed to book an appointment for 8.30am the following morning. It was the only one available on that day but they did have plenty of availability later on in the week if I needed to book it for later.

I took a Grab for just under 200 bhat and as usual the Bangkok traffic nearly stumped me. The 20 minute driving time turned into 35 minutes by the time I arrived at the hospital.

Hospital in Bangkok for vaccine

The hospital was redily signposted and I entered the big glass doors with the name “Hospital for Tropical Diseases” and made my way to the third floor. After coming out the lift and turning right, I went to the reception desk of the travel clinic where I was told to fill out some basic health forms with the usual questions: any medical conditions, any allergies, personal details etc.

I had my blood pressure and temperature taken and then a brief consultation with a doctor about my travel plans, why I wanted the vaccine and what previous vaccines I had had. It was at this point that it was noted that my typhoid vaccine had expired and I could get that done as well if I wanted. We also spoke about another couple of vaccines that I could have received but I stuck to just having the two on one day as I didn’t want my arm to resemble a pin cushion!

Although my travel plans aren’t set in stone, I find that some people don’t really understand that. I wanted a yellow fever vaccine as I will probably be going to Africa and South America at some point in my life but I don’t know when. However, according to the doctor, I had my flights booked there for next month and a list of a couple of the countries I wanted to see. Sometimes a little white lie makes things a lot easier.

The prices of all the vaccines are clearly displayed on their website and they also explain a few of the other fees such as a consultation fee etc. I then headed over to a cashier to pay with my Wise card for a grand total 2031THB or £46.54. This is about a third of the price than I would have paid in London with just a yellow fever vaccine costing £80 in most places.

I was asked to wait again but within two minutes called into a room and had both vaccines done at the same time in the same arm. Swift and painless.

As with most vaccines, I was asked to wait for 30 minutes to ensure that I didn’t get any immediate side effects. In that time I filled out another optional questionnaire for them which they use for medical research which made the time go by quickly.

When the 30 minutes was up, I was called back to the desk and presented with my yellow fever certificate and was told I was free to go!

All in all, I was in and out the clinic in just over an hour. Although the yellow fever vaccine lasts for life, I would definitely recommend going there to get any future travel vaccines done if I were looking for travel vaccines in Bangkok.

My yellow fever vaccine card

FAQs on Getting the Yellow Fever Vaccine in Bangkok

Do I need to book in advance?

You don’t need to but the wait may be longer. It is very easy to book in advance so it makes sense to. I’ve heard of walk-ins being seen within a few hours though.

What do I need to take?

Passport, previous vaccine card would be helpful if you have it, cash or card for payment and that’s it!

Is it safe to get vaccines there?

If you haven’t travelled before, getting vaccines and needles in developing countries may seem daunting but the hospital was clean and professional and as good as any hospital I have been to in the western world. As a private hospital, it is perfectly safe to get vaccines in Bangkok.

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