View of Tallinn Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia

Is The Tallinn Card Worth It? How to Get Maximum Use Out Of The Tallinn Card

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Many cities offer tourist cards that allow the purchaser to visit a number of attractions in a city with just one ticket, often leading to savings overall. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is no exception and offers the Tallinn Card.

With the Tallinn Card not being cheap, many people ask if the Tallinn Card is worth it and I have to say that it is. The Tallinn card is one of the best things you can buy when exploring Estonia’s capital.

However, to get maximum use out of your Tallinn Card, it is worth getting a plan together and working out what you want to see, how to get there and how long you will spend in Tallinn. Luckily, there is an excellent app that can help with this.

After exploring Tallinn for three days, I can confidently say I got plenty of value from my Tallinn Card and I’ll show you how I did it. Side note, skip to the end if you want to see how much money I saved.

NOTE: Many other sites and reviews online have incorrect information regarding the price of the Tallinn Card. These prices are current as of 2024 when I went.

Niguliste museum, Winter in Tallinn, Estonia

How much is the Tallinn Card?

At the start of 2024, the city increased the prices of the Tallinn Card from previous years. However, I still feel they’re quite reasonsable compared to other European cities and it’s still possible to get excellent value from it. The card is available for a period of 24, 48 or 72 hours. When booking on the app, the card becomes active from the first transaction. When ordering online, you must select a date for the card to start.

For an adult, the Tallinn Card costs €45, €65 or €78 for a 24, 48 or 72 hour pass, respectively.

For children, costs are €27, €34 or €41 for the same time periods.

Included in the ticket price is free public transport for the period your Tallinn Card is active. Considering a one hour bus pass is €2, you could get benefits from just riding the bus non stop (although I don’t recommend this…).

Should I get the Tallinn Card app.


The Tallinn Card app is excellent with a map of all the locations you can use the Tallinn Card and filters for location, child friendliness and wheelchair accessibility.

It can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Tallinn Card App
The app is very useful and easy to use

What Can I See With The Tallinn Card

I wanted to get my moneys worth when using the card. I planned out attractions that appealed to me using the app. I then looked at how much each of these would cost individually and compared that to the cost of the Tallinn Card.

I had massive savings!

From this I made my plan and bought a 72 hour Tallinn Card and saw the following in a packed 3 day period.

Tallinn Card ticket on app, Tallinn, Estonia
The ticket for your Tallinn Card can be found on the app to be scanned at each attraction

What to do with the Tallinn card

Estonian Museum of Natural history 

Estonian Museum of Natural History, Tallinn, Estonia

General Opening Times:10-17
Individual cost without the card:€10
Time spent:45-60 minutes
Worth going to without the card?With kids, yes. Otherwise no.

Very little information written in English although there is an audio guide that you can access through a QR code and listen to, although the information isn’t that thorough and some seems mislabeled. Kids would enjoy some of the interactive exhibits but overall I was a bit disappointed by the museum. 

Estonian History Museum

Inside Estonian History Museum, Tallinn, Estonia Outside Estonian History Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

General Opening Times:10-18
Individual cost without the card:€10
Time spent:1 hour
Worth going to without the card?Yes

Located in the former guild/ stock exchange building and spread over three floors, this museum is very informative about Estonian history.The additional exhibitions on show were interesting and would be a good place to spend a short amount of time

KGB Prison Cells

KGB Prison Cells, Tallinn, Estonia Inside cell, KGB Prison Cells, Tallinn, Estonia

General Opening Times:11-18
Individual cost without the card:€9
Time spent:20 minutes
Worth going to without the card?Yes

A small exhibition with a corridor and cells showing the history of the building and the explaining some of the torture and treatment that prisoners endured during soviet occupation. 

The museum can feel quite cramped at times but the history that you’ll learn here gives a grim reminder of the horrors endured during Soviet occupation.

Estonian Health Museum

Estonian Health Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

General Opening Times:10-18
Individual cost without the card:€10
Time spent:1.5-2 hours
Rating:9 /10
Worth going to without the card?Yes

I’ll be honest and say that this was one of my favourite museums that I saw in Tallinn, but that could just be me who has a big knowledge for the human body (it is what I studied at university after all!). The museum is huge, covering three floors, with each section explaining a different aspect of the human body and human health.

It is interesting for those with a lot of knowledge, but also explained simply so that kids can have a great time too. It’s great for kids with lots of interactive exhibits. It covers the history of medicine, you can learn about the entire human body, senses, functions in a fun and informative way. I highly recommend. 

Tallinn City Life Museum

Tallinn City Life Museum, Tallinn, Estonia
An exhibit showing a traditional Tallinn town house
General Opening Times:11-18
Individual cost without the card:€6
Time spent:1 hour plus
Worth going to without the card?Yes definitely

The museum starts with an informative interact video of the history of Tallinn, from a fishing settlement 5000 years ago through to today. Various rooms upstairs show the medieval times, trading Tallinn and the basement offers an insight into the wealthy merchants of Tallinn and their ceramics. The upper exhibit changes and I got to see “Indecent Tallinn” an 18+ look at prostitution in the Estonia capital through the years 

Niguliste Museum & Viewing Platform (St Nicholas Church)

St Nicholas Church, Tallinn, Estonia
Inside the church where services still take place
St Nicholas Viewing Platform, Tallinn, Estonia
View from the top of the viewing platform after taking the glass elevator
General Opening Times:10-18
Individual cost without the card:€14
Time spent:30-45 minutes
Worth going to without the card?Probably

The views from top all over Tallinn are beautiful as is the lift inside an ancient church. The extra floors for the bells is worth a look or go up the 233 steps. The church has a large collection of paintings and tombstones and a silver collection. 

Vabamu Museum of Occupations & Freedom

Vabamu Freedom museum, Dan, Tallinn, Estonia
Using the headphones to experience the visit

Vabamu museum, Winter in Tallinn, Estonia

General Opening Times:11-18
Individual cost without the card:€14
Time spent:1.5-2 hours
Worth going to without the card?Yes

The freedom museum takes you on a journey from Soviet occupation in WW2, through occupation, independence and the modernness of e-Estonia and the internet and technological revolution. The underlying theme of freedom and what it means at different times stands out as you listen to the included e-guide, a mix of audio, visual and written guide on a handheld device.

Hellemann Tower & Town Wall

Hellemanns Tower and Town Walls, Tallinn, Estonia

General Opening Times:11—17
Individual cost without the card:€4
Time spent:30 mins
Worth going to without the card?Yes at this price

Climb the steep metal staircase and along the 13th century city walls looking out over the city. Climb the towers up narrow stone steps and see the photos of the old town Tallinn with modern day counterparts. 

Town Wall: Nunna, Sauna and Kuldjala Tower

Town Walls with Nuna Sauna and Kudjaja Towers, Tallinn, Estonia

General Opening Times:11-17
Individual cost without the card:€4
Time spent:15 minutes
Worth going to without the card?No

A lot smaller with less information that the other town walls. Even though it was included I felt the other walls were better. This was steep steps that were out and back down the same steps with little info and fewer pictures.

Kiek in de Kok Fortifications Museum

Kiek in de Kock, Tallinn, Estonia

General Opening Times:11-18
Individual cost without the card:€12
Time spent:45 minutes
Worth going to without the card?Not at the minute as the main tower is under renovation

Unfortuntalely, when I visited there were some renovations happening and one of the towers was closed. However the views of from the tower are worth it still and there are some less than exciting exhibits. When everything is fully open (expected for the summer 2024 season) then I would imagine this is worth it.

If not, the museum is next to the Bastion Passages…

Bastion Passages

Bastion passage entrance, Tallinn, Estonia Bastion Passages, Tallinn, Estonia

General Opening Times:11-18
Individual cost without the card:€8
Time spent:1 hour
Worth going to without the card?Yes

Walk along these tunnels that have changed their use over time. Follow as you’ll see them go from earthwork fortifications in the 17th century to Soviet bomb shelters to a hideout for punks, drug use and the homeless in more recent years.

Tallinn Russia Museum

Tallinn Russia Museum, Tallinn, Estonia

General Opening Times:11-18
Individual cost without the card:€4
Time spent:20 minutes
Worth going to without the card?Unless you have an interest in Russian history, no

Room about Aleksandr Wladovsky, a Russian architect in Estonia. Mustamae, which has English and another room with zero English but lots of Russian books. 

Tallinn Museum of Orders of Knighthood

Tallinn Museum of Orders of the Knighthood, Tallinn, Estonia Inside, orders of knighthood museum, Tallinn, Estonia

General Opening Times:10-17
Individual cost without the card:€12
Time spent:30 minutes reading everything
Worth going to without the card?Probably not

Interesting look at orders around the world, from every continent and most European countries. Even has the “Order of Freedom and Independence of North Korea”… Good audio guide that gives much more detailed explanations for those really interested  

Tallinn TV Tower & Observation Deck – Open Monday

TV Tower, Tallinn, Estonia
The tower is a long way outside the city but worth the trek
View from Tallinn TV Tower Observation Deck, Tallinn, Estonia
The views from the top of the tower looking back towards the city
General Opening Times:10-21
Individual cost without the card:€17
Time spent:30 minutes
Worth going to without the card?Yes

Unfortunately the Tallinn TV Tower was the last thing on my list and I visited it by myself on a sunny morning. It is one of the few things that is open on a Monday and is definitely worth seeing if you’re Tallinn card lasts past a weekend.

The place was empty when I walked in on a Monday morning just after opening time, it was just me and a lady with her baby on the observation deck! I’d imagine that it is a lot busier in summer, but that’s why you should visit Tallinn in winter 😉

There is some information at the top and some interactive displays. The cafe and restaurant says coffee, alcohol and some snacks although there is an extra charge to go up for dinner. The views over Tallinn are incredible especially when you step out onto the outdoor observation deck 175m up. My one tip would be to go with someone else to enjoy the views with and make sure you go hungry to sip a coffee whilst looking out across most of northern Estonia!

Other towers I’ve been up: Petronas Twin Towers vs KL Tower: Which Is Best To Visit?

Museum of Puppetry Arts

Puppet museum, Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn puppetry museum, Tallinn, Estonia

General Opening Times:10-18
Individual cost without the card:€9
Time spent:30 minutes but kids would at lend longer
Worth going to without the card?Yes! Surprisingly

Worth It Alone? If you’re into theatre or the arts, it’s a fun filled museum with plenty of examples of types of puppets from around the world through the years. They also have stage props and an exhibition on how stages are dressed for performance. Kids will love the interactive exhibits and using the different types of puppets. 

Estonian Maritime Museum at Fat Margaret

Fat Margaret, Tallinn, Estonia
The museum is located inside Fat Margaret, an ancient defence tower of Tallinn
Cog, Maritime Musuem, Tallinn, Estonia
A cog, an old fishing boat, hanging from the ceiling
General Opening Times:10-18
Individual cost without the card:€15
Time spent:1 hour
Worth going to without the card?Yes

A very informative museum on Estonias maritime history. Those that love boats, from historical Cog’s that sailed the Baltics, to modern cargo containers will enjoy a fascinating trip to this museum. The large cog boat that was hanging from the ceiling, that was discovered in 2005, reminded me of the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. The museum also has a rooftop terrace and bar available in summer but the coffee shop inside is also a treat in winter.

What I wish I could have seen but didn’t have time…

There is so much to see with the Tallinn card that there is no way it is possible to see everything on the list. I made plans to see a few more attractions but just couldn’t find the time or they were closed when I wanted to visit.

House of the Blackhead – Open Monday (Closed weekends)

General Opening Times:9-17 Weekdays only
Individual cost without the card:€3
Time spent:N/A
Worth going to without the card?

This attraction is only open on weekdays, so those that come to Tallinn for a weekend may be disappointed, as I was!

St Olav’s Church & Viewing platform

St Olav's Church & Viewing Platform, Tallinn, Estonia

The church and viewing platform is only open in summer (and I went to Tallinn in winter) but as the church can be seen from all over Tallinn, I would imagine that the views are magnificent and worth the admission. In summer, it is also possible to go up the tower inside the Tallinn Town Hall.

The Cathedral of Saint Mary the Virgin in Tallinn and its Bell Tower only has some unusualy opening times so if this is something you would want to see then plan accordingly.

I also considered visiting the Energy Discovery Centre that is located close to the train station and another attraction that is open on Mondays. The Town Jail Photography museum and Fotografiska Tallinn were things I would have liked to have seen but couldn’t make.

As I spent most of my time inside the Old Town of Tallinn, I also wanted to view the Kadriorg Palace, Kumu Art Museum and Tallinn Zoo, but these were a long way from the centre and I couldn’t get there and see everything else in the centre.

The card also gives discounts and some restaurants and cafes which I didn’t fully get to use.

How much money did I save with the Tallinn Card?

I got the three day Tallinn Card for €76. If I had paid the for each of the attractions that I went to individually I would have had to pay €158 which gave me a MASSIVE saving of €82!

This doesn’t include the free transport I took, the extra chocolate I got at a cafe or the discounts I could have received if I had eaten at places the card recommended.

By getting the card, it also allows you to see some things that you wouldn’t normally see. Would I have gone and seen the Puppetry museum and paid €9 for it? Not at all!

St Nicholas Viewing Platform, Dan, Tallinn, Estonia

But as it was included, I walked past it and popped in.

Now for a mini disclaimer, I planned this out and tried to hit as much as possible. It was a lot of information to take in and going to countless museums over a few days isn’t everyones idea of fun. Getting around everywhere meant a lot of walking and I did rush some places ‘because they were there’.

However, with the savings I made, the amount I saw and how easy it is to use, I can highly recommend the Tallinn Card to anyone that wants to travel to the capital of Estonia for a few days.

You can find out more with the Tallinn Card website which can be found here.

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