Store Bay Beach, Tobago

Why You Should Visit Tobago – One of My Favourite Countries in the Caribbean

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There are a few things that I look for when I travel, and a genuine experience is one of them.

After travelling around the Caribbean as a digital nomad for a month, I was starting to feel worn out with all the touristy places where I was staying. But Tobago was a breath of fresh air and a place I can’t wait to return to.

If you’re wondering why you should visit Tobago or are considering a trip there, keep reading to find out more.

The 6 Reasons to Visit Tobago

It is a place built for locals that tourists go to

Unlike much of the Caribbean where mega resorts and ultra luxury has taken over, Tobago felt like a place where normal people lived. There were small shops selling items locals would use. Restaurants were frequented by locals and used local pricing. Small bars had locals enjoying their beers, not foreigners sipping on cocktails.

Nice bars are restaurants can be found, but they aren’t used exclusively by holidaymakers. The one time I did see a large group of tourists, they had come all the way over from Trinidad for a short break.

Creole fish, Tobago
Creole Fish at one of the nicer restaurants in Tobago

The beaches are genuine places, not hidden behind resorts

Other islands in the Caribbean have private beaches owned by mega resorts that don’t let anyone except the wealthiest tourists onto them.

Some almost look too manicured, too perfect.

In Tobago, the beaches are some of the most genuine that I have visited. When the beaches are filled with locals swimming and enjoying themselves in the evenings with a small beach bar near by catering to their simple needs.

Store Bay beach, Tobago

People treat you as a person

This is one of the reasons that I love Malaysia so much compared to Thailand.

In Tobago, I was treated like any other person. I wasn’t a tourist that needed to buy something everywhere. I wasn’t someone that needed people approaching me on the street wondering if I was ok.

I was just another person on the beautiful island of Tobago and was treated well for it.

More affordable that other destinations in the region

Although it is possible to see some countries in the Caribbean on a budget, I generally found it harder to do in some destinations.

I am a budget traveller at heart after my years of backpacking and I enjoy paying the local price for things, not the tourist price.

In Tobago, I felt there was one price and that was it. Prices are clearly displayed and they all seem reasonable. The guys selling fruit and veg seem happy to see you and not as dollar signs. But general things like groceries and accommodation is more affordable than other islands in the region.

TT dollars, money, Tobago

The history

In Tobago it is difficult to avoid some of the history on the island. Fort Milford is within walking distance of the airport and fantastic beaches in the south of the island. Fort James is up the coast near Plymouth and Fort King George is an 18th Century British built fort in the main city of Scarborough.

The nature

Whether you’re looking for waterfalls, hiking, bird life or just beautiful coastal scenery, Tobago has it all. Highland Waterfall is the tallest on the island or the multiple cascades of Argyle Waterfall might be more your thing.

Scuba diving can be done around Pigeon Point on the south west of the island but a good snorkel can lead to colours all over the island.

Tips before you head to Tobago

Tobago uses the T&T Dollar (TTD) which has an exchange rate of roughly USD$1 to TTD$6.75  or GBP£1 to TTD$8.65, however there isn’t a money changer, nor ATM, at the airport. Many hotels can exchange money if you have USD and there are plenty of ATM’s dotted around the island.

It’s easy to get an eSIM before heading to Tobago. I used an eSIM from Airalo which gave me data as soon as I got to the island and is highly recommended. Costs and data can be found on this link.

Tobago uses the same plug socket as the USA, narrow two pronged plugs, so make sure to bring an adapter if you need one.

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