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Europe is one of the most varied continents in the world. With history stretching back millenia to modern skyscrapers and buzzing cities, Europe has it all. Each of its nearly 50 countries has a unique culture, way of life and often a unique language. The relatively small size and abundance of easy transport links make it a dream for traveller looking to see as much as possible as quickly as they can. But there is reason to slow down. Stay in each city a little longer and experience whats under the surface of a country. Head into the countryside and see how real people live. 

So if you want the beaches of the mediterranean, the buzzing metropolis’s of Paris or London, the soviet era cities of eastern Europe, the ancient history of Rome and Athens, the friendliness of the Scandenavian countries, or the stunning beauty of the various mountain ranges drifting through the continent, Europe will have something for you.

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