New Zealand

After living there for 3 years, New Zealand is one of my favourite countries in the world.


Asia is the most diverse continent on earth. I’ve been many times an absolutely love it there.

The Pacific

A place of dreamy beaches and friendly faces, this far flung corner of the planet it well worth the journey.


A continent sized country of modern cities, a dusty interior and great beaches.


From cities to beaches, from history to nature, from traditional to modern. Europe has is all.

United Kingdom

The place I’ve always called home and somewhere that I’ve explored more and more in the past few years.


Is there a more diverse continent on Earth than Africa? Deserts, jungle, cities, emptiness, business, culture, religion, tradition and modern.


Travelling to the Caribbean for beaches and relaxing should be on everyones list! It’s seen as a luxury destination but it doesn’t have to be.