I spent two years travelling around Australia. I was there on a working holiday visa between 2015 and 2017.

My two years there were some of the best travelling I’ve done. I had my own van and took trips up and down the East Coast. I worked on a zuchini farm in Coffs Harbour where I would often surf in the afternoons after work and sunbathe until the sun dissapeared. I spent another large chunk of my time working in a country pub in the central west of New South Wales. The lifestyle there was like nothing I had experienced before serving sheep shearers in the evenings listening to them tell stories of shooting kangaroos and taking their utes into the paddock.

I felt I had the best of both worlds having both a beach and bush lifestyle in Australia. The country is as diverse as it is large catering for all types of travel. Explore Melbourne for great coffee culture, Sydney for its classic beach lifestyle or head into the outback for a true Aussie experience.