The Pacific

Dreamy white beaches, palm trees over hanging perfect azul seas, a tropical paradise far from anything. 

If there is one place that seems like paradise to most travellers, its the South Pacific. The islands here range from tourist hot spots such as Fiji to countries that few people would have heard of (Vanuatu anybody?). For many Europeans it is about as far away from home as you can imagine which adds to the intrigue. 

The Pacific has over 25,000 islands in, most of them uninhabited, 14 sovereign states and many other territories and atolls. It can broadly be divided into three main sub regions; Micronesia in the north west, Melanesia in the west and Polynesia in the south and eastern parts of the Pacific. Each have their own customs and traditions with individual islands within each region being incredibly diverse.

The Pacific region is home to some of the friendliest people on the planet, the most beautiful islands and pockets of pure tranquility. I would recommend anyone to go there to experience it for themselves! 

Meeting the local kids in Myom, PNG

A Unique Experience in Papua New Guinea (Long Read)

I took a step further into the darkness. The floor was cold and slippery on my bare feet. The child holding the light was a few steps in front of me, through another small opening. I squeezed through on my hands and knees and the boy shone the torch further in. I could see the water a few metres ahead. I jumped into the cool fresh water and ducked my head underneath; I hadn’t washed properly in a couple of days.

A villager said something in Pidgin I didn’t understand. Francis translated for me. “You are probably the first white man in these caves” he said. That’s when I realised that this wasn’t normal traveling. What I had done and seen over the previous few days isn’t just something that you can buy on a tour package, or plan to do before you leave. This was a once in a lifetime adventure I had stumbled upon. Something I could only have dreamed about back home.

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A perfect trim in Osaka, Japan

Strangest haircuts around the world

To be honest, when I started thinking about a blog, I never thought that I would write one on haircuts. It’s such a mundane activity that you do all the time at home. But unless you travel for a long time (often REALLY long in the case of some people!) you are unlikely to experience this mundane task abroad.

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